The Peter M. Hauer Spelean History Award

The American Spelean History Association presents the annual Peter M. Hauer Spelean History Award each year to an individual for outstanding work in the field of cave history.  The Award recipient is selected by an Awards Committee and the Award is presented at the National Speleological Society's annual convention.

The Award was started in 1979 and a list of recipients is below:
1979     Kevin Downey
1980     Jack Speece
1981     Anne Whittemore
1982     Joel Sneed
1983     Larry O. Blair
1984     Marion O. Smith
1985     Trevor R. Shaw
1986     Gary K. Soule
1987     Angelo I. George
1988     William R. Halliday
1989     Russell H. Gurnee
1990     Larry E. Matthews
1991     Cato Holler
1992     Dean H. Snyder
1993     Chris Howes
1994     Stephen A. Craven
1995     Fred Grady
1996     Paul Damon
1997     Tom and Kim Metzgar
1998     Joseph C. Douglas
1999     Charles J. DeCroix
2000     Dale R. Ibberson

2001     Robert H. Thompson
2002     John C. Taylor
2003     Dan Snyder
2004     Roger Brucker
2005     Greg Brick
2006     Tom Lera
2007     Robert Hoke
2008     Jim Whidby
2009     Carl E. Kunath
2010     no award
2011     Richard J. Rhinehart
2012     Gordon Smith
2013     Stanley Sides
2014     John Benton
2015     H. Dwight Weaver
2016     David Hughes
2017     Chris Nicola
2018     Donald Davis
2019     Ernst Kastning
2020     Gary O'Dell

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