By-laws of the American Spelean History Association

1.      The government of this association shall be by a board of trustees which shall have full power to conduct and supervise all business of the association, appoint officers for the association and perform all other functions incident to proper conduct of the association.

           a.       Initially the board of trustees shall consist of the acting president and acting secretary-treasurer. Upon chartering of the association they shall promptly appoint two additional acting trustees who shall serve until the first annual meeting. Thereafter trustees shall be elected annually by mail vote of the membership. except that the board may fill vacancies resulting from death, resignation or other causes.
b. The board of trustees shall consist of not less than four and not more than six regular members of the association. Only one person of a group or family membership shall be eligible for election to the board of trustees.
c. The board of trustees shall appoint such officers as it deems proper and such officers shall perform the usual duties of the offices to which they have been appointed, subject to these by-laws.
d. The board of trustees shall establish membership dues and subscription rates.

The board of trustees may issue formal endorsements of books pertaining to spelean history and reprints of literary or photographic works pertaining to speleology. All such endorsements shall be conditional on the reprinter's pre-publication possession of any copyright releases which may be necessary.

II.   Regular and special meetings of the Association shall be held at such time and places as may be determined by the board of trustees.
III.Membership in this association shall be open to qualified persons who are interested in the study, dissemination and interpretation of spelean history and who have complied with conditions of membership determined by the board of trustees. The board of trustees may reject any application for membership without stating any reason for such action.
IV.The association shall issue such publications as are determined by the board of trustees. The board of trustees may appoint an editorial board.
V.The association may acquire real and personal property for use by and on behalf of the membership. It may maintain a library for use by members.
VI.Membership in this association may be terminated by (1) non-payment of dues or (2) by action of the board of trustees after due notice to the member.
VII. These by laws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the membership or by a 2/3 vote of the membership present at a regular meeting after one month's due notice.

(From The Journal of Spelean History, Volume 27, Number 1, Issue #89, Jan. - Mar., 1993)

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