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Issue #1 (Winter 1968)
Issue #158 (December 2020)

This is a cumulative index to the issues of the Journal of Spelean History (ISSN 0022-4693). The index is in three parts:

Part 1 is a list of the JSH articles along with a reference number for each one.  The list is in order by JSH issue number.  Following the reference number (which is used in the author and keyword  indexes) is the article title, author(s), and bibliographic information.  Text in square brackets is additional information and comments added during indexing. 

Part 2 is a list of authors and reference numbers for their articles.  Each author's name is followed by a list of links to his/her articles in the Article List.
"[s]" following an author's name means the material was submitted, but not written, by that person.
[r]” following an author’s name means the person reviewed a book.

Part 3 is a keyword list, including subjects, locations, cave names, and people referenced in each article.  Each keyword is followed by a list of links to the relevant article in the Article List.

Although the formatting of this index was largely automated, the entry of the source data and the decisions about key words was an entirely manual process and there are undoubtedly errors in the material.  If you find any errors please notify Bob Hoke so they can be corrected in future versions.  He can be reached at, 301-725-5877, or 6304 Kaybro St., Laurel MD 20707.

(The reference number for each article is 3 digits and one letter.  The digits are the issue number and the letters are arbitrarily assigned to the articles in each issue.  For example, if issue 36 contains three articles they would have reference numbers 036A, 036B, and 036C).

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Cumulative Article Listing

001A Burton Sherwood Faust [obituary]; -; v1#1(#1) 1968 1 pg
001B Notes on the Subterranean Accumulation of Saltpetre; Faust, Burton; v1#1(#1) 1968 8 pgs
001C Notes on Edmund Turner [unpublished notes]; Neville, Russell; v1#1(#1) 1968 2 pgs
002A Two Centuries of History at the Grottoes of the Shenandoah: Grand Caverns and its Neighbors [various articles & reprints]; -; v1#2(#2) 1968 20 pgs
003A The National Geographic Society's Expedition of Carlsbad Cavern, New Mexico, March 20 to September 15, 1924; Lee, Dana; v1#3(#3) 1968 22 pgs
003B Early Maps of Mammoth Cave; Meloy, Harold; v1#3(#3) 1968 9 pgs
004A review of Guide to the Caves of Minnesota, by R. K. Hogberg and T. N. Bayer; Hogberg, R. K. & Bayer, T. N; v1#4(#4) 1968 .3 pg
004B review of Discovery of the Crystal Onyx Cave and My Biography, by Cleon Turner; Turner, Cleon; v1#4(#4) 1968 .5 pg
004C 1968 NSS Convention History Session Abstracts; -; v1#4(#4) 1968 2 pgs
004D A New Concept of the Initial History of Mammoth Cave, 1798-1812; Meloy, Harold & Halliday, William; v1#4(#4) 1968 7 pgs
004E Historic Caves of St. Louis, Missouri; Rother, Charlotte & Rother, Hubert; v1#4(#4) 1968 5 pgs
004F The Commercial Caves of Missouri - 1886-1968; Weaver, H. Dwight; v1#4(#4) 1968 14 pgs
005A Appalachia on Martel and the Societe de Speleologie [1896-98]; -; v2#1(#5) 1969 1 pg
005B Memories of the Past [Colossal Cavern]; Lee, Lute; v2#1(#5) 1969 1.5 pgs
005C On Mammoth Cave, Kentucky [1914]; Martel, E. A.; v2#1(#5) 1969 2 pgs
005D Notes on "Tragedy of Sand Cave" by Howard W. Hartley [1925]; Smith, Gordon; v2#1(#5) 1969 3 pgs
005E A Brief History of Three Missouri Caves; Weaver, H. Dwight; v2#1(#5) 1969 4 pgs
006A John Muir on Cave City Cave [reprint of 1876 article by John Muir]; -; v2#2(#6) 1969 1 pg
006B 1969 NSS Convention History Session Abstracts; -; v2#2(#6) 1969 2 pgs
006C Lee's "Notes on the Mammoth Cave" was the First "Guide Book" to Mammoth Cave; Meloy, Harold; v2#2(#7) 1969 9 pgs
007A The Russell Trall Neville Expedition in Old Salts Cave, Kentucky; Jackson, George; v2#3(#7) 1969 6 pgs
007B The Gatewoods at Mammoth Cave; Meloy, Harold; v2#3(#7) 1969 12 pgs
008A Brigham, the Cave Dog; Hovey, Horace; v2#4(#8) 1969 4 pgs
008B History of Cave Valley Cave, Lincoln County, Nevada - From 1858 to 1968; McLane, Alvin; v2#4(#8) 1969 13 pgs
008C A Mexican Cave Visit in 1664; Shaw, Trevor[s]; v2#4(#8) 1969 1 pg
008D The Founding of the National Speleological Society; Stephenson, William; v2#4(#8) 1969 3 pgs
009A The Largest Cave Painting Ever Created [1848]; Bridge, John; v3#1(#9) 1970 2 pgs
009B The Man Who Might Have Been the American Martel [Edwin Balch]; Halliday, William; v3#1(#9) 1970 4.5 pgs
009C Schoharie's Many Caves [1898 newspaper article]; -; v3#1(#9) 1970 3.5 pgs
010A Oregon's Malheur Cave in 1902; -; v3#2(#10) 1970 1 pg
010B 1970 NSS Convention History Session Abstracts; -; v3#2(#10) 1970 2 pgs
010C Days and Deeds in the Oregon Country [1928 article on Malheur(?) Cave]; -; v3#2(#10) 1970 2 pgs
010D The Saga of Mammoth Cave; Meloy, Harold; v3#2(#10) 1970 8 pgs
011A The Saltpetre Cave at Natural Bridge, Virginia; Hauer, Peter; v3#3(#11) 1970 3 pgs
011B Notes on the Early Use of the Name Mammoth Cave; Kastning, Ernst; v3#3(#11) 1970 5 pgs
011C The Subterranean Voyage, or The Mammoth Cave, Partially Explored [1810 letter]; Kastning, Ernst[s]; v3#3(#11) 1970 3 pgs
011D The Battle of Infernal Caverns (California]; Meador, John; v3#3(#11) 1970 3 pgs
011E Book Note: Two Issues of Rooke Pennington's "Notes on the Barrows and Bone-Caves of Derbyshire"; Shaw, Trevor; v3#3(#11) 1970 1 pg
012A ASHA Membership list [1970]; -; v3#4(#12) 1970 1 pg
012B Discovery and Exploration of the Timpanogos Caves of Utah; National Park Service; v3#4(#12) 1970 15 pgs
012C Account of the Discovery of a Cave Now Known as Timpanogos Cave; Gough, James; v3#4(#12) 1970 2 pgs
012D An Account Surrounding the Discovery of Timpanogos Cave; Manwill, Voarl; v3#4(#12) 1970 3 pgs
012E Discovery of the Middle Cave of Timpanogos Cave National Monument; Hansen, Wayne; v3#4(#12) 1970 2 pgs
013A Alonzo W. Pond - a Short Biography; Halliday, William; v4#1(#13) 1971 .7 pg
013B Raising the Tomb Rock from Lost John of Mummy Ledge; Pond, Alonzo; v4#1(#13) 1971 3 pgs
013C A Trip to the Josephine Caves in 1878 - Excerpts from the Journal of Robert A. Miller; Walsh, Frank[s]; v4#1(#13) 1971 1.5 pgs
013D Early Gunpowder Making and Saltpetre Mining in Missouri Caves; Weaver, Dwight; v4#1(#13) 1971 7 pgs
014A What Cave is This? [1980 article reprint]; -; v4#2(#14) 1971 .5 pg
014B Pennell's Only Mammoth Cave Illustration; Bridge, John; v4#2(#14) 1971 1 pg
014C The Rediscovery of Nicholson's Lost Pit; Halliday, William; v4#2(#14) 1971 5 pgs
014D Deltiology and Spelean History; Hauer, Peter; v4#2(#14) 1971 1 pg
014E Riddles of Mammoth Cave; Meloy, Harold; v4#2(#14) 1971 3 pgs
014F Underground Palace on the South Island [Okinawa]; Rhodes, Douglass[s]; v4#2(#14) 1971 .5 pg
015A Cyprinodons of the Mammoth Cave [reprint of 1877 book article]; -; v4#3(#15) 1971 .5 pg
015B Hercules and the Mammoth Cave Railroad; Asman, Larry; v4#3(#15) 1971 7 pgs
015C A Note on Stevenson's Lost River; Dickey, Frederick; v4#3(#15) 1971 2 pgs
015D History of Devil's Hole, Nye County, Nevada; McLane, Alvin; v4#3(#15) 1971 6 pgs
016A Steven Crane - Youthful Author-spelunker; DeArmond, Dave; v4#4(#16) 1971 2 pgs
016B review of The Hollow Earth, by Raymond Bernard; Halliday, William & Bernard, Raymond; v4#4(#16) 1971 .5 pg
016C Pennsylvania's Only Saltpeter Cave: A Background Study; Hauer, Peter; v4#4(#16) 1971 5 pgs
016D Early Exploration in Flint Ridge, Kentucky: Colossal Cave and the Colossal Cavern Company; Sides, Stanley; v4#4(#16) 1971 7 pgs
017A Magnesium Light Views from Wyandotte Cave [list, no photos]; -; v5#1(#17) 1972 1 pg
017B Caves of Sequoia National Park and Their Discovery; -; v5#1(#17) 1972 4 pgs
017C Lawrence O. Chapman [obituary]; Eckler, A. Ross; v5#1(#17) 1972 1 pg
017D First in American Caves - The Life and Spelunking of the Reverend Horace C. Hovey; Halliday, William; v5#1(#17) 1972 4 pgs
017E Rambles in Mammoth Cave During the Year 1844; Meloy, Harold; v5#1(#17) 1972 1 pg
017F Historical Accounts of Kings Canyon Caves [excerpts from 1923 newspaper article]; Middleton, Robert; v5#1(#17) 1972 1 pg
017G Historical Notes Concerning Small Caves in Kings Canyon [reprint of 1955 newspaper article]; Shugart, Howard; v5#1(#17) 1972 1.5 pgs
017H The Origin of the Great Shrine of Futenma [Okinawa]; Tamayose, Y. & Rhodes, Doug; v5#1(#17) 1972 1 pg
018A 1909 Overview of the Mount Adams Cave Area; -; v5#2(#18) 1972 1 pg
018B Pioneer Agricultural Use of Mt. Adams Caves [short newspaper articles]; -; v5#2(#18) 1972 1 pg
018C The McClellan Party in the Mount Adams Cave Area of Washington State [1854]; -; v5#2(#18) 1972 2 pgs
018D Report on Investigation of Lewis River Lava Caves Area, Washington; National Park Service; v5#2(#18) 1972 1 pg
018E The Ice Caves of Washington Territory [1880]; Raymond, Rossiter; v5#2(#18) 1972 5 pgs
018F Blind Fish in a Washington State Lava Tube in 1852?; St. Amant, M. de; v5#2(#17) 1972 5 pgs
019A Letter from Wyandotte Cave [1867]; -; v5#3(#19) 1972 7 pgs
019B The History and Exploration of Wyandotte Cave; Jackson, George; v5#3(#19) 1972 15 pgs
020A 1972 NSS Convention History Session Abstracts; -; v5#4(#20) 1972 3 pgs
020B The Cartography of Bethlehem Cave, S. D.; Forney, Gerald; v5#4(#20) 1972 5 pgs
020C Medics at Mammoth Cave; Meloy, Harold; v5#4(#20) 1972 7 pgs
021A Field Investigation Report - Neff's Cave [1951]; National Park Service; v6#1(#21) 1973 7 pgs
021B Meramec Caverns, Two Hundred and Fifty Years of History; Weaver, Dwight; v6#1(#21) 1973 12 pgs
022A The Forgotten Father of California Speleology [Erwin Bischoff]; Blanchard, Hugh; v6#2(#22) 1973 3 pgs
022B Oregon Caves, Oregon; Knutson, R. S.; v6#2(#22) 1973 .6 pg
022C The Encounter of the Long Count Keeper [poetry]; MacLeod, Barbara; v6#2(#22) 1973 2 pgs
022D Man Disputes Discovery of New Cave Passage; Mitchell, Ron & Yarborough, Frank; v6#2(#22) 1973 1 pg
022E Narrative Report of Wyandotte and Marengo Caves, Indiana [1965]; National Park Service; v6#2(#22) 1973 3 pgs
022F Geologic Evolution of Wyandotte and Marengo Caves [1965]; Rose, Robert [NPS]; v6#2(#22) 1973 9 pgs
022G Luray Caverns in the 1890's: A study in Speleo-Economics; Sprague, Seeley; v6#2(#22) 1973 1.5 pgs
023A Jenny Lind at Mammoth Cave [reprint of 1851 newspaper article]; -; v6#3(#23) 1973 .3 pg
023B Mammoth Cave as Seen in a 1813 Reference Book [short article reprint]; -; v6#3(#23) 1973 .3 pg
023C Kenneth Maclure Perry [obituary]; -; v6#3(#23) 1973 .5 pg
023D Arthur C. Stebbins [obituary]; -; v6#3(#23) 1973 1 pg
023E A Visit to the Mammoth Cave [reprint of 1842 article]; -; v6#3(#23) 1973 6 pgs
023F Nahum Ward - A Biographical Sketch; Busch, Larry[s]; v6#3(#23) 1973 4 pgs
023G review of Rambles in Mammoth Cave during the Year 1844, by a Visitor (sic); Halliday, William [r]; v6#3(#23) 1973 .5 pg
023H review of Cave Hunting, by W. Boyd Dawkins [reprint of 1874 book]; Halliday, William [r] & Dawkins, W. Boyd; v6#3(#23) 1973 .5 pg
023I The American Antiquarian Society's Version of the Fawn Hoof Story; Halliday, William; v6#3(#23) 1973 2 pgs pgs
023J The Grand Kentucky Junction [poetry]; MacLeod, Barbara; v6#3(#23) 1973 2 pgs
024A The Caves on Lake Erie's Islands; Bridge, John; v6#4(#24) 1973 3 pgs
024B Bermuda's Caves and Their History; Forney, Gerald; v6#4(#24) 1973 15 pgs
024C Newspapers: A Fugitive Source of Spelean History; Sprague, Stuart; v6#4(#24) 1973 4 pgs
025A Historical Sketches of Pend Oreille County, Washington [1930]; Dingee, Ruby; v7#1(#25) 1974 3 pgs
025B Cave Inscription [Keys Cave]; Hauer, Peter; v7#1(#25) 1974 .6 pg
025C Schoolhouse Cave [postcard info]; Hauer, Peter; v7#1(#25) 1974 .6 pg
025D Mammoth Cave [1844]; Meriam, Ebenezer; v7#1(#25) 1974 10 pgs
025E The Last Great Days of Onondaga Cave; Weaver, H. Dwight; v7#1(#25) 1974 4 pgs
026A 1974 NSS Convention History Session Abstracts; -; v7#2(#26) 1974 1 pg
026B A Few Words About the Decorah Ice Cave [1900]; Hedges, James[s]; v7#2(#26) 1974 1 pg
026C Mammoth Cave [1844] [continued from previous issue]; Meriam, Ebenezer; v7#2(#26) 1974 5 pgs
026D What Union Soldiers Had to Say About Nickajack Cave; Smith, Marion; v7#2(#26) 1974 3 pgs
027A ASHA Membership list [1974]; -; v7#3(#27) 1974 1 pg
027B A Checklist of View-Master Commercial Cave Stereo Slides; Hauer, Peter; v7#3(#27) 1974 1 pg
027C Wandering Willy Walks to Mammoth Cave; Meloy, Harold; v7#3(#27) 1974 1 pg
027D Earliest Known Description of White Cave, Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky; Quinlan, James; v7#3(#27) 1974 .5 pg
027E Four Notes on Stereoscopic Transparencies of Caves; Quinlan, James; v7#3(#27) 1974 1 pg
027F The Poems of George D. Prentice Concerning Mammoth Cave; Quinlan, Patricia; v7#3(#27) 1974 1 pg
027G Three Short Summers: The Story of Hiawatha Caverns; Soule, Gary; v7#3(#27) 1974 .5 pg
027H Descriptions of American Caves in 19th Century Newspapers; Sprague, Stuart; v7#3(#27) 1974 1 pg
028A The Great Onyx Cave War: Edwards v. Lee; Reinartz, Kay; v7#4(#28) 1974 2 pgs
028B The Devil's Icebox, 1833 to 1973; Weaver, H. Dwight; v7#4(#28) 1974 5 pgs
029A Description of a Cavern in Ulster County, New York [1803]; -; v8#1(#29) 1975 .5 pg
029B Two Letters Concerning the Mummies of Mammoth Cave [1815, 1817]; -; v8#1(#29) 1975 2 pgs
029C review of The Wemyss Caves, by Alexander Hidalgo; Halliday, William & Hidalgo, Alexander ; v8#1(#29) 1975 .2 pg
029D review of Minnesota Caves of History and Legend, by Roger Kehret; Hokunson, Eugene & Kehret, Roger; v8#1(#29) 1975 .2 pg
029E review of Onondaga, the Mammoth Cave of Missouri, by Dwight Weaver; Quinlan, Patricia & Weaver, Dwight; v8#1(#29) 1975 .2 pg
029F The Caves of Kentucky [1832 article]; Rafinsque, C. S.; v8#1(#29) 1975 1 pg
029G Six Months in America [1833 article]; Vigne, Godfrey; v8#1(#29) 1975 1.5 pgs
030A Miscellaneous Notes on Two Prominent New Athens Salt Merchants: Samuel Brown and Charles Wilkins [Part I]; George, Angelo; v8#2(#30) 1975 3 pgs
030B California Speleology, 1901-1908 - The State's First Cave Survey; Munthe, Jens; v8#2(#30) 1975 3 pgs
030C The Ozark Bear Story; Weaver, H. Dwight; v8#2(#30) 1975 2 pgs
031A review of Bibliography of Tennessee Speleology, by Larry Matthews; Matthews, Larry; v8#3-4(#31) 1975 .2 pg
031B review of The Caves of Scotland, except Assynt, by Tony Oldham; Oldham, Tony; v8#3-4(#31) 1975 .3 pg
031C review of Archeology of the Mammoth Cave Area, by Patty Jo Watson (Editor); Watson, Patty Jo; v8#3-4(#31) 1975 .4 pg
031D Additional Notes on the Decorah Ice Cave; Hedges, James & Knudson, George; v8#3-4(#31) 1975 3 pgs
031E Historic Maps of Mammoth Cave; Meloy, Harold; v8#3-4(#31) 1975 5 pgs
032A Virginia Cave Descriptions [notes from 1816 geography book]; -; v9#1(#32) 1976 .6 pg
032B Cave Hermits: Vignettes of America's Past; Kastning, Ernst; v9#1(#32) 1976 5 pgs
032C Civil War Notes on a Missouri Saltpetre Cave; Smith, Marion; v9#1(#32) 1976 2.5 pgs
032D Arch Springs and Cave; Speece, Jack; v9#1(#32) 1976 3 pgs
032E Newspaper Accounts of Pendleton County, W. Va. Caves [part I]; Taylor, John[s]; v9#1(#32) 1976 6 pgs
033A 1976 NSS Convention History Session Abstracts; -; v9#2-4(#33) 1976 3 pgs
033B Dunmore Cave [Ireland]; -; v9#2-4(#33) 1976 5 pgs
033C Frank Ernest Nicholson ... The Mystery Man of American Speleology; Halliday, William; v9#2-4(#33) 1976 3 pgs
033D Notes on the Stebbins Paintings of Luray Caverns; Quinlan, James; v9#2-4(#33) 1976 2 pgs
033E Newspaper Accounts of Pendleton County, W. Va. Caves [part II]; Taylor, John[s]; v9#2-4(#33) 1976 13 pgs
034A Hills and Bruffey's Creek Sinks [postcards]; -; v10#1(#34) 1977 1 pg
034B World's Earliest Cave Maps; Halliday, William; v10#1(#34) 1977 .3 pg
034C History of Long Quarry Cave; Klein, Marguerite; v10#1(#34) 1977 2 pgs
034D The Legend of Stephen Bishop; Meloy, Harold; v10#1(#34) 1977 2 pgs
034E The Smithsonian Institution in 1880; Speece, Jack; v10#1(#34) 1977 1 pg
034F The Saltpeter Caverns and Averell's Raids, 1863-64; Taylor, John; v10#1(#34) 1977 7 pgs
035A Luray Caverns, A Public Relations Man's Dream; Gurnee, Russell; v10#2(#35) 1977 6 pgs
035B review of Wonders of the World, by Philip Gibbs; Halliday, William & Gibbs, Philip; v10#2(#35) 1977 1 pg
035C N.S.S. Beginnings in Montana; Hritsco, Basil; v10#2(#35) 1977 1 pg
035D Famous Travellers[sic] to Staffa; Macintyre, Eric; v10#2(#35) 1977 5 pgs
036A First Description of Iceland's Surtshellir? [1675]; -; v10#3-4(#36) 1977 .5 pg
036B 1977 ASHA Membership List; -; v10#3-4(#36) 1977 2 pgs
036C 1977 NSS Convention History Session Abstracts; -; v10#3-4(#36) 1977 3 pgs
036D The Skeleton of Luray Caverns; Gurnee, Russell; v10#3-4(#36) 1977 4 pgs
036E review of Caves of Montana, by Newell Campbell; Halliday, William & Campbell, Newell; v10#3-4(#36) 1977 .5 pg
036F Fingal's Cave & Other Stamps of Staffa; Halliday, William; v10#3-4(#36) 1977 2 pgs
036G Gaping Ghyll Hole Fathomed [1895]; Shaw, Trevor[s]; v10#3-4(#36) 1977 3.5 pgs
036H Alexander Caverns; Speece, Jack; v10#3-4(#36) 1977 4 pgs
037A Russell's Cave; O'Dell, Gary; v11#1(#37) 1978 2 pgs
037B Civil War Saltpetre Mining, Economic Advantages; Powers, J.; v11#1(#37) 1978 3 pgs
037C Meadowcroft Rockshelter; Speece, Jack; v11#1(#37) 1978 1 pg
037D review of Discovery of Luray Caverns, Virginia by Russell Gurnee; Speece, Jack & Gurnee, Russell; v11#1(#37) 1978 1 pg
037E Legend of Claudius Smith; Watts, Gardner; v11#1(#37) 1978 3 pgs
038A ASHA Membership list [1978]; -; v11#2(#38) 1978 1 pg
038B Early History of Owyhee River Cave, Oregon; Halliday, William; v11#2(#38) 1978 1 pg
038C Why Floyd Collins Couldn't Be Rescued [1942]; Miller, Skeets; v11#2(#38) 1978 10 pgs
039A 1978 NSS Convention History Session Abstracts; -; v11#3(#39) 1978 4 pgs
039B Dr. Call at Mammoth Cave; Meloy, Harold; v11#3(#39) 1978 3 pgs
039C George Washington Cave; Speece, Jack; v11#3(#39) 1978 4 pgs
040A Speleo Stamp Collectors [list of 10 names]; -; v11#4(#40) 1978 .3 pg
040B The History of Caves on Postage Stamps; Breisch, Richard; v11#4(#40) 1978 3 pgs
040C Spelean Stamps; Cullen, James; v11#4(#40) 1978 .5 pg
040D Some Speleological Stamps; Eckler, A. Ross; v11#4(#40) 1978 2 pgs
040E Caves on Stamps; Nicholas, Brother C.; v11#4(#40) 1978 2 pgs
040F Controversial Stamps; Speece, Jack; v11#4(#40) 1978 1 pg
040G Collecting Stamps Depicting Caves, and Other Problems; Van Der Pas, J. P.; v11#4(#40) 1978 1.5 pgs
041A A History of Adirondack and New England Talus Caving; Carroll, Robert; v13#1-2(#41) 1979 4 pgs
041B Edwin Swift Balch - Almost an American Martel; Halliday, William; v13#1-2(#41) 1979 3 pgs
041C Saltpeter mining in West Virginia; Hauer, Peter; v13#1-2(#41) 1979 3 pgs
041D James Parrish Stelle and Wyandotte Cave; Jackson, George; v13#1-2(#41) 1979 3 pgs
041E Outline of Mammoth Cave History; Meloy, Harold; v13#1-2(#41) 1979 6 pgs
041F Confederate Nitre Production; Powers, John; v13#1-2(#41) 1979 9 pgs
041G Organized Caving in California: An Overview; Quick, Dell; v13#1-2(#41) 1979 6 pgs
041H Dragon Cave - America's Oldest Cave Reference (Berks County, PA); Speece, Jack; v13#1-2(#41) 1979 2 pgs
041I Russell Cave (AL 169) - Man's Home for 8000 Years; Speece, Jack; v13#1-2(#41) 1979 3 pgs
041J A History of Alabama Caves and Caving; Varnedoe, William Jr.; v13#1-2(#41) 1979 8 pgs
041K Origin of the Virginia Region of the NSS; Whittemore, Anne; v13#1-2(#41) 1979 3 pgs
042A Lester Howe and His Cave; Downey, Kevin; v13#3(#42) 1979 7 pgs
042B Speleological Writings in Early America; Hazen, Robert & Hazen, Margaret & Finger, Larry; v13#3(#42) 1979 8 pgs
043A The First Description of the Surtshellir in Iceland (1675); -; v13#4(#43) 1979 .3 pg
043B Lester Howe's Garden of Eden; Downey, Kevin; v13#4(#43) 1979 6 pgs
043C 1765 Reference to Tennessee Cave; Halliday, William; v13#4(#43) 1979 .5 pg
043D Cave-in-Rock, Illinois - Early American Cave Reference (1754); Speece, Jack; v13#4(#43) 1979 .6 pg
044A McFail's Cave, New York; Downey, Kevin; v14#1(#44) 1980 7 pgs
044B Horace Carter Hovey - An Unfinished Story; Halliday, William; v14#1(#44) 1980 3 pgs
044C Bullers of Buchan, Scotland; Speece, Jack; v14#1(#44) 1980 1 pg
045A Speleo Stamps; -; v14#2(#45) 1980 .5 pg
045B Guide Book of the Grand Canyon of Arizona [excerpts from 1897 book]; Bicknell, P. C.[s]; v14#2(#45) 1980 1 pg
045C Wonders of the World [cave references from 1807 book]; Mobley, Emily Davis; v14#2(#45) 1980 2 pgs
045D Thomas Jefferson: An American Speleologist; Speece, Jack; v14#2(#45) 1980 2 pgs
046A Early Court Records Reveal Saltpeter Operation of Sauta Cave; Blair, Larry; v14#3-4(#46) 1980 44 pgs
046B Saltpeter Operations at Sauta Cave (AL) During the Civil War; Blair, Larry; v14#3-4(#46) 1980 6 pgs
047A Stephen L. Bishop - Explorer and Guide, Mammoth Cave; -; v15#1(#47) 1981 1 pg
047B A Gazetteer of the United States of America [1853]; Hayward, John; v15#1(#47) 1981 3 pgs
047C Glover's Cave, Kentucky; MVOR; v15#1(#47) 1981 3 pgs
048A Sauta Cave Fish Camp; Blair, Larry; v15#2(#48) 1981 1 pg
048B Caves of the Kentucky Pioneers; Halliday, William; v15#2(#48) 1981 2 pgs
048C A Report on the Wonders of Creation; Natural and Artificial [reprints of short historical articles]; Mobley, Emily Davis; v15#2(#48) 1981 4 pgs
048D The Writing on the Wall; Sneed, Carole; v15#2(#48) 1981 2 pgs
049A Archeological Investigations in Sand Cave, Kentucky; Crothers, George; v15#3-4(#49) 1981 2 pgs
049B The Guacharo Cave [Venezuela]; de Bellard-Pietri, Eugenio; v15#3-4(#49) 1981 2 pgs
049C The World's Longest Underwater Cave; Exley, Sheck & DeLoach, Ned; v15#3-4(#49) 1981 1 pg
049D History and Contributions of the Western Speleological Survey; Halliday, William; v15#3-4(#49) 1981 2 pgs
049E Pioneers of North American Cave and Karst Science prior to 1930; Kastning, Ernst; v15#3-4(#49) 1981 2 pgs
049F Endangered Species Legislation in the United States; Lera, Thomas; v15#3-4(#49) 1981 2 pgs
049G Early American Speleological Writings; Speece, Jack; v15#3-4(#49) 1981 2 pgs
049H Cave Conservation in the United States of America - An Overview in 1981; Stitt, Robert; v15#3-4(#49) 1981 4 pgs
049I Un Pionnier de la Speleologie: le Peintre Suisse Casper Wolf (1935-1783[sic]) [article in French]; Strinati, Pierre; v15#3-4(#49) 1981 1 pg
049J Cave Diving in England in the 1950's; Wells, Oliver; v15#3-4(#49) 1981 3 pgs
050A New Find in Big Bone Cave; Blair, Larry; v16#1(#50) 1982 .5 pg
050B A Tale of Two Caves; Holler, Cato; v16#1(#50) 1982 3 pgs
050C Various old newspaper articles on caves; Sneed, Joel[s]; v16#1(#50) 1982 3 pgs
050D A Mammoth Cave Chronology; Soule, Gary[s]; v16#1(#50) 1982 7 pgs
051A Peter Marshall Hauer [obituary]; -; v16#2-3(#51) 1982 4 pgs
051B Caves in West Virginia's Pioneer History; Hauer, Peter; v16#2-3(#51) 1982 4 pgs
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Rother, Hubert: 004E
Schilberg, Gary: 057E
Scientific American: 076K
Sevcik, Ed[s]: 082C
Sevenair, John: 052C
Shaw, Trever: 138K
Shaw, Trevor: 011E 055C 080F 083B 085D 092G 095C 098D 099F 105D 107D 110D 120D 123C 131H
Shaw, Trevor[s]: 008C 036G 126E
Shoemaker, Henry: 143D
Shugart, Howard: 017G
Sides, Stanley: 016D 108C
Simek, Jan: 123A
Smith, Gordon: 005D
Smith, Marion: 026D 032C 051E 052D 053E 056G 061F 062F 066C 071E 073D 076L 076M 078A 081D 086D 088G 088H 090G 091G 098E 101C 103E 105E 112A 118E 122D 123A 130B 133A 133J 137E 141F 147B 152B 152E
Sneed, Carole: 048D 054B
Sneed, Joel: 054C 090H 141A
Sneed, Joel[s]: 050C
Snyder, Dean: 065C 084D 084E 095B 096C 099G 100E 119F 122E 125C 128D 157B 158A 158F
Soule, Gary [r]: 124B 153J 156D
Soule, Gary: 027G 052E 074A 075D 085E 088I 088J 096D 099H 114B 114C 119G 121D 142G 147E
Soule, Gary[s]: 050D
Speece, Jack: 032D 034E 036H 037C 037D 039C 040F 041H 041I 043D 044C 045D 049G 053F 053G 055D 062G 089I 118G 130D 138F 140D 141D 143C 143E 145A
Speer, Wade: 090I
Sprague, Seeley: 022G
Sprague, Stuart: 024C 027H 064D
St. Amant, M. de: 018F
St. Pierre, David: 133K
Standish, David: 133G
Stephenson, William: 008D
Stidham, David: 058L
Stitt, Robert: 049H
Strinati, Pierre: 049I
Strother, David: 058M
Sullivan, Morris: 091H
Sutton, Michael: 081B
Szukalski, Bernie: 065C
Tamayose, Y.: 017H
Taylor, David: 108D
Taylor, John: 034F
Taylor, John[s]: 032E 033E
Taylor, Philip: 153B
Templeton, Harvey: 066D
Thompson, Bob: 117A 123D 124B 125D 125E 126B 128C 129C 145E 148A 149B 149C 149D 150F
Thompson, Judi: 124B 149B 149D
Torode, William: 052F 061G 090J 101D 113G 122F 139A
Torode, William[s]: 100F 113H
Toulmin, Lou: 151A
Trout, Paul: 140I
Tucker, Thomas: 141F
Turner, Cleon: 004B
U. of Penna.: 095D
Vaccaro, Del Marie: 158C
Van Der Pas, J. P.: 040G
Varnedoe, William Jr.: 041J
Varnedoe, William: 058N 075E 113C
Vigne, Godfrey: 029G
Waggoner, John: 150B
Walsh, Frank[s]: 013C
Warnell, Norman: 148A
Watson, Patty Jo: 031C
Watts, Gardner: 037E
Weaver, Dwight: 013D 021B 029E
Weaver, H. Dwight: 004F 005E 025E 028B 030C 083C 083D 133I
Weesner, Margaret: 064E
Wells, Oliver: 049J
Whidby, Jim: 052G
Whittemore, Anne: 041K
Wolinsky, Mark: 058O
Woodward, Jonathan: 127C
Yarborough, Frank: 022D
Ziff, Bruce: 146A
Zoph, George: 077F

Cumulative Keyword Index
ccident: 088I
Adelsburger Grotte, Slovenia: 131H
Advertising: 052E 122A 122B 127D
Alabama: 041I 041J 046A 046B 048A 052A 052F 056G 058C 058D 058N 061G 075E 076L 078A 086D 088G 090G 091G 093A 112A 113C 122D 122F 133J 141E
Alaska: 067E 076F 126G
Alexander Caverns, PA: 036H
Alum mining: 144A 144D
Alum: 142E
Antarctica: 132E 132F
Arch Springs, PA: 032D
Arizona: 045B 076H 077C
Arkansas: 065G 104B 108D
Artists: 139A
ASHA: 012A 027A 036B 038A 067B 067D 088A 089A 089B 089C 089F 089I 100C 126I
Assyrian caves: 055C
Audubon, John James: 099G
Austin, William T.: 124C
Australia: 076G
Azores: 153C
Bailey, Gilbert: 152E
Bailey, Thomas: 101B
Baker Caverns, PA: 142F
Balch, Edwin: 009B 041B
Barbour, Thomas: 107D
Barck, C.: 109B
Barometric measurements: 083B
Bashful Lady Cave, CT: 109A
Bat/Saltpeter Cave, AR: 108D
Bats Cave: 092D
Bats: 096C
Battle Creek Bottomless Pit, TN: 058A
Bear Cave: 086C 092D
Bell’s Tavern: 137D
Bellamy Cave, TN: 136A
Berlin Spring Cave, TN: 109D
Bermuda: 024B 153D
Besson, Jacques: 118F
Bethlehem Cave, SD: 020B
Bibliography: 052F 061G 094B 147D
Big Bone Cave, GA: 050A
Big Bone Cave, TN: 054A
Big Ridge Cave, PA: 084C
Binkleys Cave, IN: 138J
Biographies: 009B 013A 060B 105B
Biology: 138D
Bischoff, Erwin: 022A
Bishop, Stephen: 034D 047A 138C 152A
Black, Malcolm: 119D
Blowing Springs Cave, GA: 062A
Blue Spring Cave, IN: 057D
Bone caves: 011E
Bonin Islands: 142D
Book reviews: 004A 004B 016B 023G 023H 029C 029D 029E 031A 031B 031C 035B 036E 037D 070A 070B 070C 079B 090D 090H 092B 096A 099F 103B 120D 124B 129E 130H 131H 132G 132H 132I 133G 133H 133I 133J 133K 134E 135G 135H 136H 136I 137H 137I 138J 138K 140I 144F 145G 148G 149H 151C 152A 153J 153K 155C 156D 158I
Brewer, George: 009A
Brewery caves, MO: 153F
British Speleological Association: 135H
Bromley’s Cave, MN: 129D
Brown, Samuel: 030A 059C
Bruffey Creek Sinks, WV: 034A
Buddist art: 149H
Buell, Abel: 087E
Bull Cave, TN: 058H 081D
Burial caves: 145D
Burroughs, John: 105D
Byrne, T. J.: 103E
California: 006A 011D 017B 017F 017G 022A 030B 041G 089D 147D
Call, Richard: 039B
Canada: 074A
Cango Caves: 068A
Carlsbad Caverns: 003A 014C 099E 136H 137I
Carlsbad Caverns, NM: 088J
Carnegie Cave, PA: 143B
Carpenter Cave, PA: 157B
Carvers Cave, MN: 131E
Casteret, Grotte: 133K
Cathedral Cave,MO: 005E
Cave-in-Rock, IL: 140C
Cave-related art: 136H
Cave accidents: 098B
Cave art: 009A 079D 129E 132G 132H 132I 140I
Cave Art: 151C
Cave bear: 140G
Cave beetle: 140F
Cave Cape, MO : 158B
Cave City Cave, CA: 006A
Cave conservation: 049H
Cave Creek, AZ [town]: 076H 077C
Cave descriptions: 032A 081A 089G
Cave discovery: 076I
Cave diving: 049C 049J 093B
Cave fish: 015A 018F 116B 118F 120F 121C 127C 131D
Cave folklore: 116B 118D 118G 120F
Cave hermits: 032B 158G
Cave Hill, TN: 150E
Cave in Rock: 056D
Cave in Rock, IL: 043D
Cave In Rock, IL: 090J
Cave inscriptions: 092A
Cave inventory: 075E
Cave lighting: 130B
Cave lore: 099C
Cave medicine: 133D
Cave men : 140H
Cave mummies: 126G
Cave music: 111B
Cave of Antiparos: 098D
Cave of Bellamar: 109C
Cave of the Mounds: 114C
Cave of the Mounds, WI: 114B
Cave of the Winds, CO: 102A 121A
Cave rescue: 113F 118C
Cave rescues: 157B 158F
Cave Spring Cave, GA: 066C
Cave Spring Methodist Church, TN: 108B
Cave studies: 085C
Cave surveys: 103C
Cave symbolism: 051C
Cave use by criminals : 136B
Cave Valley Cave, NV: 008B
Caving history: 041G 041J
Cejete, Pedro: 121A
Chalybeate Springs: 130G
Chapman, Lawrence O.: 017C
Chattanooga, TN: 133F
Cheese making: 148E
Chile: 137C
China: 113H 149H
Chute’s Cave, MN: 122A
Civil War signatures: 137E
Civil War: 053C 053E 064C 064E 065G 075C 101C 123A 135C 147B 152B
Cleversburg Sink, PA: 143B
Clifton Cave, KY: 079E
Cobb, Brad: 085E
Cold Air Cave, PA: 140D
Collections: 087G
Collins, Floyd: 005D 038C 049A 062D 065I 076B 079C 110A 111A 111C 118C 119A 119B 119C 119D 119E 119F 119G
Collins, Homer: 158A
Colorado: 092B 102A 102B 102C 121A 138H
Colossal Cave, KY: 016D
Colossal Cavern, KY: 156B 156C
Colossal Cavern, MO: 005B
Columbia Caverns, TN: 077A
Commercial caves: 004F
Confederate Nitre Bureau: 103E 118E 130B 133J 148B
Conley Hole, TN: 058L
Connecticut: 059A 066A 106A 109A 137A 137B
Conodoguinet Cave, PA: 143C
Conservation: 082B
Convention abstracts: 004C 006B 010B 020A 026A 033A 036C 039A 067C 071A 075A 076A 079A 083A 087B 099A 103A 107A 113A 113B 118A 124A 126H 128E 130E 132D 134C 136E 138G 139C 141B 144C 147A 148D 149E 152C 153I 155A 155B
Coon Creek Cave, AL: 086D 090G
Cooperas Cave of Mummies, TN: 090C
Cooperas Cave: 071E
Cope, Edward Drinker: 069A 085B 138D
Coprolite: 050A
Covington Saltpeter Cave, TN: 105C
Cow Bone Cave, MN: 128F
Craighead Caverns, TN: 099B 133A
Crane, Steven: 016A
Crayon, Porte: 058M
Criminal hideout, AL: 122F
Croghan, Dr. John: 149B
Crystal Cave, KY: 100A
Crystal Cave, MO: 096D
Crystal Cave, PA: 084E 122E 158F
Crystal Oynx Cave, KY: 004B
Cuba: 109C 131D 153E
Cudjo's Cave, KY/TN/VA: 052D
Cumberland Caverns, TN: 098A 104D
Cumberland Caverns,TN: 056F
Cumberland Gap Cave System, KY/TN/VA: 052D
Cymbee of Woodboo, SC: 118D
Deadman's Pit, GA: 058B
Decorah Ice Cave: 026B
Decorah Ice Cave, IA: 031D
DeKay, James: 121C
Delaney's Cave: 086B
Delaney’s Cave, PA: 158A
Deltiology: 014D
DeSoto Caverns, AL: 093A
Devil's Sinkhole, TX: 058J
Devils Cave, KS: 062G
Devils Hole, NV: 015D
Devils Icebox, MO: 028B
Diamond Cave, KY: 152B 152D
Diamond Caverns, AR: 104B
Dietrich, William J.: 125C
Discovery: 090A
Dixon Cave: 072C
Dixon Cave, KY: 066B
Dordogne: 137H
Dragon Cave: 041H
Dungeon Rock, MA: 145A
Durham Cave, PA: 055D
Dyers Cave, WV: 053F
Early accounts: 115A 116A
Early articles: 049G 110C
Early cave descriptions: 009C 029A 103D
Early cave explorers: 055B 101B 110B
Early cave maps: 080B 087E
Early cave science: 049E 109B 121C
Early cave scientists: 076E 122C
Early descriptions: 073B
Early exploration: 012B 012C 012D 012E 059E 075B 095D 149A
Early explorers: 104D
Early historians: 125C
Early literature: 042B
Early maps: 034B 067G
Early newspaper articles: 088B
Early photographers: 156B
Early speleologists: 055A
Early stories: 059A
Early tourist accounts: 102C 105D 107B 107C 109C 110D
Echo River, KY: 128D
Ecuador: 120F
Egypt: 114A 120A
Eidenmann, Carl: 147C
Einbigler, Benjamin: 110B
Elk River Cave, AL: 112A
Elliottsburg Cave, PA: 143E
Emerson, Ralph Waldo: 115A
Endangered species: 049F
Endless Caverns, VA: 073A 088D
England: 011E 036G 049J 093B 120E 126F 135H
English Regicides: 137A 137B
Ethopia: 125B
Europe: 132G 132H 132I
Exploration: 058G 058H 072A
Explorers Club: 073A
Fallout shelters: 092E 092F 104A 121B
Faust, Burton: 001A
Fawn Hoof: 023I
Featherstonhaugh, G. W.: 069E
Fiction: 148G
Fingal's Cave: 036F 067F
Florida: 049C 081A 088B 127F
Floyd Collins: 157A
Folklore: 052B 057A 133G 135A 135B 140A 140B 142H 153J
Formations: 087C
Fort Boonesborough, KY: 069B
Fort Payne Cave, AL: 091G
Fort Stanton Cave, NM: 057C
Fossils: 076G 140G
Fountain Cave, VA: 002A 130C
Fowke, Gerard: 083C
France: 070A 087F 133H
Francis McKinney Award: 108A
Franks Cave, TN: 071E
Fremont, J. C.: 085A
Frenchman Knob, KY: 058I
Gaping Ghyll, England: 036G
Garden of Eden, NY: 043B
Gardner Cave, WA: 025A
Garrison, Billy Alton: 139A
George Austin Cave, TN: 090B
George Washington Cave, WV: 039C
Georgia: 048D 050A 058B 061F 062A 066C 073D 090A 141A 148B 155D
Germany: 122C
Gezira Grotto: 120A
Ghosts: 101A
Glovers Cave, KY: 047C
Godwin Cave, TN: 137E
Gordon Rock: 050B
Graffiti: 048D 141F
Grand (Rushkin) Cave, TN: 076K
Grand Canyon: 045B
Grand Caverns: 095C
Grand Caverns, VA: 002A 080F 148H
Grant, Ulysses: 065D
Great Crystal Cave, KY: 111A
Great Indian Cave, PA: 143D
Great Onyx Cave, KY: 028A 122B 146A
Great Saltpeter Cave, KY: 062B 071B
Greenville Saltpeter Cave, WV: 105E
Grimsey Island, Iceland: 131G
Grotto Del Cane: 103D
Groundwater: 130G
Guezirch Grotto [Egypt]: 114A
Gunpowder: 013D 064B 064E
Hains, Ben: 093C 124F
Half Moon Mountain Cave, IN: 073B
Halliday, Sis: 153L
Harrison, William Henry: 053A
Harrod's Cave, KY: 048B
Hauer, Peter: 051A 051E 129F 154A
Hawaii: 081C 105B 123B 126C 142B 145D
Heiskell Cave, VA: 118E
Helfrich Cave, PA: 065C
Hellhole Cave, WV: 058G
Henize, Kark Gordon: 150C
Heth, Henry: 065D
Hiawatha Caverns, MN: 027G
Higgenbotham Cave, TN: 066D
Hills Creek Sinks, WV: 034A
Hipple Cave: 141D
Historic cave use: 076D 131F
Historical references: 045C
Hoaxes: 104C 121D
Hodags: 140A
Honey Branch Cave, MO: 005E
Hoppin, Ruth: 076E
Horseshoe Bay Cave, WI: 142G
Hovey, Horace: 017D 044B 100D
Howe's Cave, NY: 092G
Howe Caverns, NY: 042A 091F 104C 134A 135D
Howe, Elgiva: 104C
Howe, Lester: 042A 043B
Hudson Robert Paine: 145F
Humbolt, Freiedrich: 120F
Ibberson, Dale: 143A
Ice age caves: 137H
Ice caves: 133H 137G 152H
Ice caves, WA: 018E
Iceland: 036A 043A 131G
Illinois Caverns, IL: 056C
Illinois: 043D 056C 056D 077E 090J 140C
India: 129E
Indian Cave, Tn: 052G
Indiana Caverns: 145G
Indiana Speleological Survey: 138J
Indiana: 014A 017A 019A 019B 022E 022F 041D 057D 073B 080A 080B 080C 080D 128B 138D 138J 145G 147C
Infernal Caverns, CA: 011D
Influenza: 130F
Iowa: 026B 031D 059E 065B 138B
Iran: 070C
Ireland: 033B
Isolation: 158G
Italy: 103D 140E
J-4 Cave, PA: 150D
Jagger, Thomas: 105B
Jamaica: 140B
Japan: 014F 017H
Jefferson, Thomas: 045D
Jesse James: 137F
Jingle Hole, TN: 058F
John Friends Cave, MD: 136F
John Guilday Cave Preserve: 072B
Josephine Caves: 013C
Journalism: 130C
Judge’s Cave, CT: 137A 137B
Kamehameha I, King: 081C
Kansas: 061B 062G
Karst features: 126F
Karst: 120E
Keeton Cave, AL: 058C
Kentucky: 003B 004B 004D 005C 005D 006C 007A 007B 008A 009A 010D 011B 011C 013B 014B 014E 015A 015B 015C 016D 017E 020C 022D 023A 023B 023E 023G 023I 023J 025D 026C 027C 027D 027F 028A 029B 029F 029G 030A 031C 031E 034D 037A 038C 039B 041E 047A 047C 048B 049A 050D 052D 056A 057B 058I 058K 059C 059F 061E 062B 062D 062E 064A 064B 065A 065E 065I 066B 069B 069D 069F 071B 071C 071D 072C 073C 076B 076J 077B 077F 079C 079E 080B 081B 082C 083B 088E 091C 091D 091K 099H 100A 105D 107B 107C 108C 110A 110B 110C 110D 111A 111B 111C 115A 117A 118C 119A 119B 119C 119D 119E 119F 119G 121B 121C 122B 123C 123D 124B 125D 125E 126B 126E 127B 127C 128C 128D 129C 131B 131C 133B 133C 133D 133E 135E 136I 137D 138C 141C 141G 144B 146A 148A 149B 150F 152A 152B 152D 152E 152F 152G 156B 156C 157A 158C 158D 158E
Keys Cave, WV: 025B
Kings Canyon, CA: 017F 017G
Kingston Saltpeter Cave, GA: 048D 061F 141A
Kirby-Smith, Henry: 056F 060B
Kohl, Johann: 077F
Kooken Cave,PA: 084A
KY : 158I
Kymulga Cave, AL: 093A
Lake Erie: 024A
Landowner rights: 146A
Latomiae: 142I
Laurel Caverns, PA: 084B 158A
Lava tubes: 067E 123B 145D
Lead mining: 065B
Leather manufacture: 141E
Lee Mill Cave, MN: 153B
Lee, Willis T.: 126B
Lewis and Clark: 138B
Lewis River Lava Caves, WA: 018D
Lewisburg, WV: 088H
Lexington: 091C
Lighting: 086A
Lindbergh, Charles: 150F
Linville Caverns, NC: 056B
Linville Saltpeter Cave, NC: 061D
Little Ice Age: 149A
Locust Grove, KY: 149B
Logan, M. M.: 146A
Long Quarry Cave, PA: 034C
Lookout Mountain, TN: 053C
Lookout Mountrain, TN: 147F
Lost Sea, TN: 133A
Luray Caverns, VA: 022G 033D 035A 036D 085D 122E 149C
Madison's Cave, VA: 002A
Maine: 072A
Malheur Cave, OR: 010A 010C
Mammoth Cave Hotel: 123D 158D
Mammoth Cave: 003B 004D 005C 006C 007A 007B 008A 009A 010D 011B 011C 014B 014E 015A 015B 015C 017E 020C 022D 023A 023B 023E 023I 023J 025D 026C 027C 027D 027F 028A 029B 029F 029G 031C 031E 034D 039B 041E 047A 047B 050D 057B 058K 059F 064A 065A 069D 076B 077B 077F 080B 081B 082C 083C 088E 091K 093C 099H 105D 107B 107C 108C 110B 110C 110D 111B 115A 117A 121B 121C 123C 123D 124B 124F 125D 125E 126B 126E 127B 127C 128C 128D 129C 131B 131C 133B 133C 133D 133E 135C 135E 136I 137D 138C 141G 144B 146A 148A 150F 152A 152G 158C 158E 158I
Mammoth Cave, KY: 013B
Manitou Cave, AL: 091G
Manitou Grand Caverns, CO: 102B 102C
Mapleton Cave, PA: 138F
Marengo Cave, IN: 022E 022F 093C 124F
Mark Twain Cave, MO: 150A
Martel, E. A.: 005A
Marvel Cave, MO: 054B
Maryland: 118G 131A 136F 138E 147B
Massachusetts: 089E 136G 145A
Mauritius: 106C
McCrady, Edward: 075B
McFails Cave, NY: 009C 044A
McKinney, Francis: 108A
Meadowcroft Rockshelter, PA: 037C
Meramec Cave, MO: 030C
Meramec Caverns, MO: 021B
Mexican War: 061C
Mexico: 008C 061C 065D 127E
Middle East: 106B
Military history: 070D
Mill Grove Cave, PA: 099G
Miller, Robert: 013C
Minerals: 090I
Minnesota: 004A 027G 029D 069E 076D 122A 124D 125A 126D 127D 128F 129D 130F 130G 131E 134D 135B 135G 137F 144E 145B 148F 153A 153B 153J
Mississippi: 052C 128G
Missouri River: 138B
Missouri: 004E 004F 005B 005E 013D 021B 025E 028B 029E 030C 032C 054B 065G 067A 076I 082A 096D 113F 133I 150A 153F 153G 158B
Mitchell Cavern, CA: 089D
Mitchell, James G.: 130D
MN : 156D
Montana: 035C 036E
Moonshine: 088K
Moran, Thomas: 149C
Mount Adams caves, WA: 018A 018B 018C
Muehlbronner, Charles: 128D
Muir, John: 006A 124E
Mummies: 013B 023I 029B 127E
Mushroom caves, MN: 124D
Music: 067F
Mystery Cave, MN: 153A
Mystery Falls Cave, TN: 058O
Mystic Caverns, MN: 144E
Mythology: 138A
Nashville, TN: 065H
National Speleological Society: 008D 035C 041K 049D 056E 072B 082B 089H 100B 101D
Natural Bridge, VA: 011A
Natural Tunnel, VA: 130A
Natural Well, AL: 058N
Nebraska: 138B
Neffs Cave, UT: 021A
Nelson, John: 128D
Nevada: 008B 015D
Neville, Russell Trall: 092C 095B 149F
New Athens: 030A
New England: 136C
New Hampshire: 072A
New Jersey: 017C
New Mexico: 003A 014C 057C 088J 090I 099E 136H 137I 149F
New York: 009C 029A 037E 042A 043B 044A 091F 092G 104C 130D 134A 135D
New Zealand: 142E
Newsome family: 141E
Newspaper articles: 027H 032E 033E 054C 105E
Newspapers: 024C
Nicholson's Lost Pit, NM: 014C
Nicholson, Frank: 033C
Nickajack Cave: 113E
Nickajack Cave, TN: 026D 069C 129B
Nicojack Cave, TN: 047B
North Carolina: 050B 056B 056E 061D 099D 127G
Northcutts Cove, TN: 095A
NSS Conventions: 148C
O’Dell, Gary: 158J
Obituaries: 001A 017C 023C 023D 051A 053H 075D 124C 143A 153L 158H
Ohio: 024A
Oklahoma: 139B
Old Saltpeter Cave, VA: 059D
Oligunuk Cave, KY: 076J
Onondaga Cave, MO: 025E
Oregon Cave, OR: 120B
Oregon Caves, OR: 022B 126E
Oregon: 010A 010C 013C 022B 038B 120B 126E
Organ Cave, WV: 053B
Organized caving history: 107D 108A
Owyhee River Cave, OR: 038B
Paleoanthropology: 134E
Paleontology: 062E 076F 088D
Palmer, B. J.: 145E
Passenger Pigeon: 136D
Patton Cave, WV: 105E
Peacock Cave, WV: 088F
Peacock Springs Cave, FL: 049C
Pedro’s Cave, CO: 121A
Peiper Cave, PA: 143B
Penn’s Cave, PA: 115D
Pennell, Joseph: 014B
Pennington, Rooke: 011E
Pennsylvania: 016C 032D 034C 036H 037C 041H 055D 059B 065C 067G 084A 084B 084C 084D 084E 086A 086B 086C 090F 096C 099G 115D 116A 116B 122E 125C 138F 140D 141D 142F 143B 143D 143E 144F 150D 157B 158A 158F
Perry, Clay: 149G
Perry, Kenneth: 023C
Peter M. Hauer Award: 158J
Petroglyphs: 053B
Photographs: 117A
Photography: 079B 093C 099E 100E 120B 124F 125D
Phuket, Thailand: 151B
Picadome Cave, KY: 073C
Pinson, Harry M.: 125D
Pirates: 136C 136G
Pitts Cave, MS: 052C 128G
Plymouth Caves, VT: 061A
Poetry: 022C 027F 100F 105A 113H
Poey, Felipe: 131D
Pond, Alonzo: 013A 075D
Porter, Levi: 146A
Postcards: 063A 114B 114C 119F 125E 126A 127A 128A 129A 152H
Postojna Cave, Slovenia: 131H
Powder mills: 071D
Powell River Cavern, TN: 129G
Predators: 140I
Preeble, Jack: 053H
Prehistoric man: 153B
Prentice, George: 027F
Prentice, William: 058K
Pribilof Islands: 067E
Psuedokarst: 126C 142A
Putnam's Wolf Den, CT: 066A
Randolph County, WV: 053D
Ravenel Cave, GA: 073D
Red Barrel Pit, TN: 058E
Reed, John C.: 123A
Religion: 135A 142J
Research techniques: 134B
Research: 065F
Rituals: 142J
Roaring Springs Cave, UT: 090E
Robinson Crusoe: 137C
Robinson, Stanley: 148G
Rock Ice: 156A
Rodrigues Island: 098C
Rothrock, Charles J.: 080A
Ruffin, Edmund: 118D
Russell's Cave, KY: 037A
Russell Cave, AL: 041I
Russell Cave, KY: 061E
Saint Louis: 153F 153G
Saltpeter Cave, AL: 113C
Saltpeter Cave, PA: 016C
Saltpeter: 001B 011A 013D 016C 029F 032C 034F 037B 041C 041F 046A 046B 051D 059C 059D 062F 064B 064C 064D 064E 066B 066C 067A 071B 071C 072C 073D 076L 077B 077D 077E 078A 080E 086D 087A 088F 088G 090G 091A 091G 091H 097A 098E 099D 103E 105C 106B 108D 112A 113G 118E 120C 122D 126D 130B 131A 132A 132B 132C 133A 133I 133J 135F 136A 136F 145C 148B 158E
Sand Cave, KY: 049A 065I 157A
Sarah Furnace Cave, PA: 059B 090F
Sasquatch: 140A
Sauta Cave, AL: 046A 046B 048A 056G
Schoolhouse Cave, WV: 025C
Schreiber, Richard A.: 118B
Schroeders Pants Cave, NY: 130D
Scientific American: 070B 094B
Scotland: 031B 035D 044C
Scott County, VA: 132A
Scull map: 067G
Sequoia National Park: 017B
SERA: 118B
Sesser, W. F.: 128C
Sevier Cave, TN: 144A
Sewanee, TN area: 060A
Sheldon Cave,AL: 058D
Ship names: 115B
Shockeys Cave: 118G
Show caves: 073A 074A 141C
Signatures: 123A 147B
Simons, Pheltius: 108C
Sinking Creek Cave, KY: 091D
Sinks of Gandy Creek, WV: 053G
Sizemore's Den: 050B
Skull Cave, TN: 062C
Slaughter Canyon, NM: 149F
Slovene karst: 138K
Slovenia: 076C 076M 120D 131H
Smith, Claudius: 037E
Smithsonian Institution: 034E
Smittle Cave, MO: 005E
Sof Omar Cave: 125B
South Africa: 068A 134E 155E
South Carolina: 118D
South Carthage Cave, TN: 123A
South Dakota: 020B 057E 149D
Southeastern Regional Assoc. (NSS): 100B 108A
Southern Kansas caves, KS: 061B
Spanish Cave: 092B
Spelean post offices in VA: 155F
Spelean post offices: 126A 127A 128A 129A 152F 152G 153H
Speleogenesis: 125A
Speleohistory: 083D
Spelunking: 149G
Spencer Cooper Powder Mill: 071D
Spiders: 138H
Springs: 065E 069F 130G
St. Croix, MN: 134D
St. Louis: 004E
St. Louis, MO: 082A
Staffa: 035D 036F
Stamps: 040A 040B 040C 040D 040E 040F 040G 045A 120C
Staunton, VA: 087D
Stebbins, Arthur: 023D
Stelle, James Parrish: 041D
Stephen Bishop: 136I
Stereo photography: 027B 027E
Swallows' Cave, MA: 089E
Switzerland: 133H
Syracuse: 142I
TAG House: 052A
Tahiti: 142H
Talbot, D. L.: 128B
Talbot’s Cave, MD: 138E
Talus Caves in GA: 155D
Talus caves: 041A
Tellkampf, Theodor: 122C
Teneriffe: 137G
Tennessee: 026D 031A 043C 052D 052G 053C 054A 056F 058A 058E 058F 058H 058L 058O 060A 060B 062C 062F 065H 066D 069C 071E 075B 076K 077A 081D 088I 090B 090C 092D 095A 096B 098A 098E 099B 101B 103B 104D 105C 108B 109D 113D 113E 123A 129B 129G 132B 133A 133F 136A 137E 144A 145C 147F 150B 150E 156A
Texas: 057A 058J
Tha Morat Temple Cave, Thailand: 151A
Thailand: 151A 151B
Timpanogos Caves: 012E
Timpanogos Caves, UT: 012B 012C 012D
Tissandier, Albert: 129C
Tourist accounts: 122E 123C
Travel descriptions: 094A
Travel: 088C
Treasure: 127G
Trinity Cave: 122D
Trip journal: 091B 091E
Trip reports: 092D
Trolls: 140A
Turkey: 144D
Turner, Cleon: 004B
Turner, Edmund : 146A
Turner, Edmund: 001C 141G
Twin Lakes Cave, CT: 106A 109A
Underground structures: 135G
Underwater caves: 153K
Urban caving: 135G
Utah: 012B 012C 012D 012E 021A 090E
Venezuela: 049B
Vermont: 059A 061A 072A
Virginia: 002A 011A 022G 032A 033D 035A 036D 037D 052D 059D 073A 075C 079F 080F 085D 087D 088D 095C 118E 122E 130A 130C 132A 138I 141F 148H 149C 153H 155F
Volcanospeleology: 115C
War of 1812: 064D
Ward, Nahum: 023F 131B 131C
Washington: 018A 018B 018C 018D 018E 018F 025A 152H
Waters, Shelah: 104D 113D
Waychoff, Andrew J.: 116A
Weaver, H. Dwight: 158H
Weir's Cave, VA: 047B
West Virginia caves: 051B
West Virginia: 025B 025C 032E 033E 034A 034F 039C 041C 051B 053B 053D 053F 053G 058G 072B 088F 088H 099C 105E 116A 141E 154A
Western Speleological Survey: 049D
Weyers Cave, VA: 002A 075C 079F 138I
White Cave, KY: 027D
White County, TN: 096B
Whiteside Cave: 101C
Wilkes, Charles: 123B
Wilkins, Charles: 030A
Willoghby Saltpeter Cave, TN: 098E
Wind Cave, SD: 057E 149D
Wisconsin: 077E 114B 114C 121D 142G
Wolf Rocks Cave, PA: 084D
Wolf, Casper: 049I
Women tourists: 158C
Womer’s Cave, PA: 143E
Wookey Hole, England: 093B
Wyandotte Cave, IN: 017A 019A 019B 022E 022F 041D 080A 080B 080C 080D 093C 124F 128B 138D
Yorkshire, England: 126F
Yumuri Valley, Cuba: 153E
-- end --