The Early History of Pendleton [W. Va.] County Caves

The book, The caves and Karst of Pendleton County, by George Dasher, contains a chapter on the early history of this West Virginia county’s many saltpeter caves.  The chapter, titled “The Early History of Pendleton County Caves 1760-1860” is 17 pages long and was written by John C. Taylor of Union College in Barbourville, Kentucky.

The chapter is available as a downloadable PDF file here (206 Kbytes). It is available with the permission of George Dasher, John Taylor, and the book's publisher, the West Virginia Speleological Survey.

Printed copies of The Caves and Karst of Pendleton County are available for purchase from the West Virginia Speleological Survey (WVASS). Additional information on this and other WVASS publications is available on the WVASS Web site at

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Last updated or validated on November 11, 2020